LDAPUserFolder - LDAP Schema: Improve the LDAPUserFolder's knowledge about your LDAP Schema


Use this view to describe the schema in use for your LDAP user records. Adding or removing entries will not change your LDAP server schema or your records, it will only improve the LDAPUserFolder's knowledge about the schema you use for user records.

The list of attributes you define is used to populate select boxes in other management views, such as the select box for the LDAP attribute to search on in the "Search" tab or the list of available attributes that can be selected for the user name in the "Configure" tab.


In order to remove items from the list of LDAP attributes known to the LDAPUserFolder you can select one or more checkboxes and hit "Delete" to remove them from the list.
LDAP Attribute Name
Enter the name of an LDAP attribute as defined in your LDAP schema
Friendly Name
LDAP attributes oftentimes have very cryptic names. Use this field to give the LDAP attribute you entered in "LDAP Attribute Name" a descriptive name.
Map to Name
This optional attribute lets you name a LDAP attribute to an attribute name of your choosing on the user object. This is useful if you have code that expects certain attributes on the user object, like the Tracker product which expects "email". In this case you would need an LDAP schema item that carries email addresses and map it to "email".
In the underlying libraries, all user record attributes that are returned as part of the LDAP record are sequences of values. By default, in order to stay compatible with "normal" user folders, Zope user objects do not have sequences as standard user attributes, so when a LDAPUser object is created only the first value in the sequence of values for a given attribute is used to populate the equivalent attribute on the user object. By declaring a schema item to be multi-valued the value sequence is stored on the user object as delivered by the LDAP server.
Add the attribute and its descriptive name to the list of LDAP attributes known by the LDAPUserFolder.