LDAPUserFolder - Servers: Specify the LDAP servers to use


This view is used to specify the LDAP servers to use


LDAP Servers
The LDAP servers this LDAPUserFolder is connecting to.
Delete a LDAP server definition from the list of LDAP servers used by the LDAPUserFolder.
Add LDAP server
Add new LDAP servers to connect to.
Server host, IP or socket path
The hostname, IP address or file socket path for the LDAP server. Please see the README for notes on LDAP over IPC.
Server port
The port the LDAP server is listening on. By default, LDAP servers listen on port 389. LDAP over SSL uses port 636 by default. If LDAP over IPC has been selected the port will be ignored.
Select whether to use standard LDAP, LDAP over SSL or LDAP over IPC. Please note that LDAP over SSL is not StartTLS, which uses the same port as unencrypted traffic. Please see the README for notes on LDAP over IPC.
Connection Timeout
How long the LDAPUserFolder will wait when establishing a connection to a LDAP server before giving up. The Connection Timeout prevents the LDAP connection from hanging indefinitely if the network connection cannot be established and connection attempts do not raise an immediate connection error. Important note: It is possible that during a request several attempts at connecting to the LDAP server are made. The time it takes for the LDAPUserFolder to return control to Zope will be the sum of the connection attempts multiplied by the chosen Timeout value.
Operation Timeout
If a connection has been established before but there is a chance, e.g. due to a misconfigured firewall, that the connection is severed without the LDAPUserFolder noticing, the Operation Timeout value can guard against a hanging site by watching how long it takes for a LDAP request to return. Please use this setting with caution and make sure you know how long your LDAP server might take to respond under high load. With this setting a long response time due to normal reasons, such as load on the LDAP server, can be misinterpreted as a hanging connection and the LDAPUserFolder can be caught in a vicious circle trying to re-connect again and again.
Add Server
Add the new server to the list of servers used by the LDAPUserFolder.