LDAPUserFolder - Users: Manage user records


This form is used to add new user records to the LDAP database or to find and edit existing records.

In order to edit an existing record you must find it first. Select the search parameter and enter the search term into the form. You will be presented with a view listing matching records. In order to select a specific record click on the DN. This will lead to a detail view in which all aspects of the user record can be edited.

For more details on the search results listing see the "List View" help below. Help on the detailed user view is under "Detail View" below.

When adding new records please keep the following in mind:

Add User
After filling in all values you need to select this button.
Description - List View

After having searched the LDAP database you will see a list of possible matches, or a message indicating no matches.

Controls - List View
After checking one or more checkboxes next to records in the list hitting Delete will delete those records from the LDAP database. You will see a confirmation screen indicating any errors encountered and will end up on the search page of the Edit User screen again.
Select All and Deselect All
This button checks or unchecks all checkboxes on the record list.
Search for another record
Description - Detail View

This page shows all user record details. Please keep the following in mind:

Controls - Detail View
Apply Changes
Hitting this button after changing the record's attributes will modify the user record in LDAP. After selecting "OK" on the confirmation screen you will end up on the detail view again.
Change Groups
You can change a user's LDAP groups by selecting the desired groups from the list of available groups. Hitting the "Change Groups" button will show a confirmation screen and will drop you into the detail view again.
Change Password
Type in the new password and hit the "Change Password" button. You will get back to the detail view after clicking "OK" on the confirmation screen.
Search for another record